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Moore to business “Whack-A-Mole”!

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We all remember the game Whack-A-Mole, right?  High paced game, expecting the player to quickly identify a mole popping from his hole in time to hit it on the head before it escapes back into the hole.  Miss it or hit it, the player then had to refocus their attention to where the next mole may pop up…and the cycle repeats.  Hectic and crazy for the player, but still possible to score some points here and there.  What a reactionary piece of wo…

Moore to Boss’s Day 2018?

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As National Boss’s Day comes to a close, today represents the first time in almost 20 years that I am not directly leading a team. Reflecting on those years with Sunshine State Credit Union, Amsouth/Regions Bank, Southern Scholarship Foundation and TMH Foundation, I never took for granted the special role of being a player’s coach and celebrating October 16th with team members each year. I am fortunate to now partner with teams via Moore Business Strategies, b…

Moore to Hurricane Michael?

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Much more to Hurricane Michael!  According to Tallahassee’s Mayor Gillum this morning, this is the largest hurricane to hit our area in over a century! We wish everyone the best as this huge storm approaches.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your families and the communities in its path.  Much gratitude goes out to our government officials and employees, our first responders, the hundreds of volunteers and our neighbors who have helped pr…

Moore to a high school reunion?

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My 30th high school reunion is this coming weekend – NSB Barracudas class of 1988!  During a bike ride last week, I pondered on the similarities of relationship dynamics in high school and our places of work.  Being a part of a team, in school or at work, provides a chance to build lasting relationships and to make a difference in the lives of others.  While pedaling along at 16 mph that morning, I focused my thoughts on the following similarities: 1) remember an…

Moore to donor retention?

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In the article here, details a small percentage increase overall from 2016 and an improvement in the donor retention rate from 2016, but the retention rate is still hovering around 45%. Retention is one of the hottest topics in fundraising, and it should be.  So what can we do about it? Fundraising success is rooted in relationship building with your donors.  Today, much of the focus on po…