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About Us

As Principal & Consultant at Moore Business Strategies, Mickey values the opportunity to impact the lives of others in his community and the relationships he has built over the 23+ years of living in Tallahassee.

Mickey has many mantras in life, but is committed to Effort, Attitude, and Gratitude in his daily life. As with most people, he has run through many highs and lows and if you asked him the best thing he has ever done – the answer is being a dad and husband. Mickey is married to Audrey H. Moore, Bureau Chief with the Attorney General’s Office – Employee Litigation department. He is a father to two boys – Shane, age 4, and Rocco, 18 months.

Mickey is originally from New Smyrna Beach, Florida – a small beach town on Florida’s east coast. During his childhood years, he and his mother experienced – and survived – challenges of domestic violence, physical and verbal abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, hunger and periodic homelessness. Even as an only child and not having his father in his life, Mickey still credits these formative years for his drive, positive attitude, perseverance, discipline and commitment, and love of life. Mickey is grateful for the many friends and family that provided guidance, examples, and even food and shelter.

With much appreciation for his mother’s focus on grades and allowing him to be involved in athletics, Mickey earned an academic scholarship to Daytona Beach Community College and then eventually ran away to join the circus – literally! He transferred to Florida State University with a housing scholarship from Southern Scholarship Foundation and he quickly joined the Flying High Circus as a means of staying in shape and being involved on campus. After graduating with a Political Science degree in August of 1992, Mickey volunteered in Congressman John Mica’s initial campaign (he won!), but he was not invited to DC as a member of the staff – noting that volunteering doesn’t pay the bills very well, he began an almost 20-year career in the finance industry with American General Finance in 1994.

From 1994 through the end of 2006, Mickey excelled in various management capacities at consumer finance companies, credit unions and banks – with a focus on both consumer and business banking. Beginning in 2007, a consulting firm in PA recruited him to travel the country for a few years to coach and to teach business development to bank officers. Mickey first opened his own business – Moore Business Strategies – in April of 2009, but it was short lived because he became the first alum of Southern Scholarship Foundation to serve as its President & CEO in September 2009. He led that organization until March of 2016 – a year after the organization was recognized as Non-Profit of the Year by the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, in 2016, Mickey was named Fundraising Professional of the Year by the Big Bend Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and he was inducted into the Barracuda Achievers’ Hall of Fame at his high school.

In May of 2016, Mickey took over the reins at TMH Foundation as their President and Chief Advancement Officer. In a short 2 1/2 years, the organization underwent significant changes in governance, structure, processes, operations, and fundraising – these improvements resulted in increased participation from board members, increased contributions from donors, increased efficiencies with receivables and payables and countless other intangible benefits to the organization’s mission. Additionally, under Mickey’s leadership the organization developed its first-ever Strategic Plan and in 2017 it hosted the highest grossing Golden Gala event in the history of the hospital. As with his other turnkey opportunities, Mickey recognized the teamwork it took to make such transitions possible – change work is difficult and risky, but he knows the mission has always been worth it in the end! Mickey resigned from TMH Foundation in July of 2018 and has re-opened Moore Business Strategies.

Mickey has been described as a dynamic and dedicated leader with an appetite for team and individual successes – moreover, a relationship-focused professional that welcomes challenges in business development, fundraising, organizational transitions, team building, fiscal and operations management, leadership, strategic planning, personnel development and partnerships. In business and in life, he leans heavily on clear expectations and accountabilities as a means to achieve successes and coach behaviors. He is energetic to a degree of seemingly limitless effort…continuously retaining, expanding, acquiring and influencing relationships.

Over the years, Mickey has been active in various groups/clubs in Tallahassee – including the Rotary club of Tallahassee, the Tallahassee Kiwanis Club, the Institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence, Leadership Tallahassee, Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, JMI Institute, Rotary Youth Camp, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of the Big Bend, Capital Area Red Cross and Gulf Winds Track Club.

His primary personal interest is running – as a nationally competitive runner, he has run a sub-3 hour marathon multiple times, including the Chicago and New York marathons, and has raised monies for Special Olympics, Rotary Youth Camp, and the Livestrong Foundation through his running. In 2017, he ran every day to complete a goal of #RUN365!

For more information on Mickey and his background, be sure to visit his social media links (FB, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram)!

My “why” has everything to do with a passion for helping businesses reach places they have never been before.