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Moore to Boss’s Day 2018?

Oct, 2018

As National Boss’s Day comes to a close, today represents the first time in almost 20 years that I am not directly leading a team.

Reflecting on those years with Sunshine State Credit Union, Amsouth/Regions Bank, Southern Scholarship Foundation and TMH Foundation, I never took for granted the special role of being a player’s coach and celebrating October 16th with team members each year. I am fortunate to now partner with teams via Moore Business Strategies, but it is a little different.

With that said, I couldn’t resist expressing some gratitude to those I worked next to over the years that gave their best everyday to exceed expectations while also maintaining integrity, ethics and a positive attitude while we strived to go to places we had never been before as a team, organization or company!

There are too many team members to name here.  YOU know who you are!  THANK YOU for helping me be a better person, leader, and boss (as much as I don’t really like that word) and THANK YOU for the experience and for the fun.  Risk and reward came our way, but so did challenges and critical conversations.  Personal and professional growth happens through discomfort and change, and I tried my best to lead by example while on your team.  I am not blind to changes YOU made in me.  With much pride and joy, I fondly reflect on our time together and witness today where all of you are professionally and personally.

I treasure the numerous photos & videos, unique gifts (bobbleheads, plaques, frames), hand written cards, and unforgettable moments that typically accompanied October 16th each year with all of you – including this FAV from #SSF

Thanks again teammates!

Today I am my own “boss”, so maybe a selfie will suffice!  Take time to celebrate your current Boss today too.

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