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AFP and MBS tips on Galas & Special Events!

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Special event mania!  This article below from the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is a good read about galas and some tips for success.  Seems today that a majority of nonprofits rely heavily on the success of special events as a primary fundraising vehicle – hoping to bring in enough funds for programs and services, investment in technology, organizational growth, capacity building, expansion or simply establishing a reserve.  First…

Education for Life…continues.

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It is certainly easy now and then to get comfortable in your surroundings, especially when you are relaxing for your birthday weekend in Seaside, FL – sun, fun, family and great food abound.    While reflecting on the last 49 years this past weekend, education came to mind many times.  I know I wouldn’t have traveled this far professionally if it hadn’t been for the public education I received and for the scholarships I earned.  The generosity of oth…

Moore to Communication & Leadership

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Recently, I was asked to contribute a piece on leadership for our Leadership Tallahassee (LT) community.  It was an honor to do so and I am super grateful to Barbara Boone (LT Executive Director), the LT staff and volunteers, and the LT experience over the years – their efforts make our community better in so many ways.  To say being a part of Leadership Tallahassee Class 24 (photo of our class included) made a huge difference in my life would be an und…

Moore to do with leftover Campaign contributions?

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Election Day 2018 has come and gone – it was both exciting and exhausting.  Congrats to the winners and thank you to all that braved the challenging path of running for office. This morning my thoughts lingered on the massive amount of money spent over the previous months to reach this point.  $50 million here, $10 million here, thousands here and there, and so on.  In one Senate race alone, almost $70 million was spent!  I can’t help but t…

No Moore “Trick or Treat” in development!

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It’s Halloween, of course, and we just couldn’t let an analogy with development work pass us by without a discussion about one of the worst things a fundraiser (development person in any industry really) can do when it comes to donor relations – “Trick or Treat” a donor/client in order to get initial cultivation appointments. Sure, we have heard the issue commonly expressed as the a “Bait & Switch” tactic as well.  For those us of that avoid the tactic, ch…