The Why

The “Why”

Over the last 20 plus years, I have benefited greatly by varied experiences in the banking & finance industry, as an entrepreneur, in business consulting, as a nonprofit leader, as a community volunteer, and as a first-generation college student.


I’ve collaborated in many successes and failures while learning and developing expertise in areas of revenue generation, fiscal operations, authentic leadership, board development, organizational transitions, governance, employee relations and communications.


There is always more to learn and I continue educating myself in these areas daily. I am confident these years have prepared me in a unique way to benefit your business. My why has brought me to this place in time!

The “why” developed over the years as I began seeing the impact of our work on the lives of individuals and their businesses: assisting a small business start-up with capital; approving a small loan for emergency car repairs for a single parent; turning around multiple organizations looking for Bigger & Better; creating an entire new business venture to finance elective surgeries around the country; coaching business bankers around the country on B2B development; or founding a new Rotary club in my town.


All of these experiences provided examples of lives changed through effort, attitude, gratitude, collaboration, creativity, leadership, integrity, accountability and vision.   Admittedly, as a type-A satisfaction is almost unattainable, but more and more it became easier for me to justify 110% effort when you could see the change in others’ lives – both immediate and long term.

My “why” centers on taking people and businesses to places they may never have been before – to me, that is authentic and respectable leadership. Maybe that place is stability, profitability, fun, happiness, growth, expansion, professional development or leaving a legacy? Having been in some of the same seats as you – a nonprofit President & CEO, a small business owner, a board member and volunteer, a philanthropist, a development person, a VP, and a leader – I can relate to your expectations and challenges.


I’d be honored to be a connector between where your business is today and where you want it to be tomorrow – not easy work, but I am willing to travel the path with you…for you. It starts with a conversation – call me today!

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